Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help me in placing the right puppy in your home. Please know I want to be certain all of my puppies are placed into homes where they are going to live in the house and be part of the family. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way, so please feel free to be candid in your responses. Thank you for your cooperation and your interest in one of my "fur kids".





State:                 Zip Code:

Phone Numbers -  Home:                Mobile:                        Work:         


Your Occupation:

Spouses Name & Occupation:

Web URL:

1. How did you hear about me?

2. Why have you decided to buy a Golden Retriever?

3. What is the most important reason for purchasing a Golden?

4. Do all family members want a new puppy?

5. Are there children in the house?          If yes, gender and ages:

6. Do you own or rent your principal residence?

7. Do you live in a House, Townhouse, Apartment, Mobile Home, other?

8. Where will the Golden be accommodated during the day?       Please describe:

9. Do you have a securely fenced yard?           Please describe:

10: Do you have a chain link kennel run?          Please describe:

11. Are there any neighborhood restrictions on owning a dog?

12. What breeds of dog have you owned in the past?

13. Do you currently own any other pets?        If yes, please describe: type, breed, spayed/neutered, and ages of each:

14. Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep?

15. Do you prefer male or female?          Why?

 16. If your first choice (Male or Female) is not available would you consider taking a  puppy of the opposite sex or would you want to wait for another litter?  If you are flexible it greatly increases your chances of getting a puppy from the litter in which you are interested. 

17. Would you consider an adult Golden Retriever if available?

18. What type of personality are you looking for?

19. Where will the Golden be accommodated during the day?

      Please describe:

20. Have you or are you willing to Crate Train the puppy?

21. Will someone be home with the puppy during the day?           If not, are you willing to make arrangements to feed and exercise your puppy?   (Pet sitter, neighbor,            family member)     Please provide details:

22. When this puppy is purchased as a family companion, do you agree to have it spayed (females)  or neutered (males) after at it is at least 14 months of age?

23. Are you willing to take your puppy to ‘Puppy Kindergarten’/ socialization and basic obedience classes to insure that you have a well-mannered,
       enjoyable companion?                           If yes, who in your home, will do the training?

24. Do you have a swimming pool?

25. Do you have a veterinarian?
      Veterinarian/clinic name:

26. Have you completed any AKC/CKC titles on other dogs?

27. Please provide the names & contact information of 2 references:

28. Any additional information is welcome:


29. All of our companion or pet puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and spay/neuter contracts. This means that the dog is eligible to be registered with AKC, however, none of the offspring are eligible for registration. In other words, this dog is NOT to be bred. A dog with Limited Registration, as well as a spayed/neutered dog is eligible to compete in all AKC events except in the Conformation (Breed) ring.  Is this acceptable?  



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